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Armadillo Trailer ...  Little Armoured One

small . light . beautiful

Armadillo Trailers Blue on White Transpa
Check Out Our New Bigger Model!



 "Wow, It's much larger on the inside"

Interior Provincial Exhibition , first public showing, 2015


 The 13.5-ft armadillo trailer is where it all started. Designed for efficiency and longevity, this four season comfort camper has all the essentials and options one could want in a compact unit.




The BACKPACK is our new 14-ft model built with the same quality materials and expertise as the original armadillo model.


The BACKPACK’s unique shape allows more layout configurations and a spacious living area.


Start planning your custom armadillo or BACKPACK trailer with informative 2D and 3D videos and photos.



Armadillo Trailers are proudly Canadian. We strive to deliver the most innovative compact recreational vehicles made anywhere.


We love both classic styles and emerging technologies, yet we hand-craft each unit with uncompromising quality and workmanship.


We are considerate builders and this extends to our own team, our families, our customers and the environment. Our vehicles are designed to last a lifetime.


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