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We offer a two year structural warranty. All appliances have warranties from their manufacturers.

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Where are Armadillo Trailers built and sold? 

Armadillo Trailers are proudly Canadian made. They are custom built to order and are sold factory-direct from our location in Armstrong, BC Canada.  We currently do not sell through any dealerships. 


Where can I view an Armadillo Trailer? 

Please contact us to check COVID restrictions. Generally, you can set up an appointment with us to view our trailers at our location in Armstrong, BC. Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday 9AM to 5PM excluding holidays.   


Do you have more photos of your trailers? 

Please visit our Facebook Page to see a selection of interior and exterior photos! 


Are your trailers registered? 

Our trailers are registered and meet the equipment standards and compliance as set out in BC’s Motor Vehicle Act Regulations. They are assigned a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and come complete with a Bill of Sale. 


What is the wait time? 

The wait time changes in response to the interest in our trailers. At this time, there is an approximate 12-14 month wait from time of deposit received to time of delivery. 


Do you offer financing? 

For financing options, contact Sean Warnes –  (Canadian residents only). 

What will my trailer cost in US dollars?

As exchange rates change daily please visit your bank or quickly calculate the current rate here.

Do you build a larger model? 

Currently we are building the 13.5’ armadillo and the 14’ BACKPACK. Maybe you'll see a larger model in the future. Stay tuned! 


Do you offer a wet-bath option? 

We currently do not offer a wet-bath option. We do offer a Front Flush Toilet floorplan in our BACKPACK model. All other floorplans offer an optional portable toilet.  The portable toilet dimensions are 12"H x 14"W x 16"D.  Both models offer an optional exterior shower. 


What kind of fridge is in your trailers? 

The fridge is 12V only. It runs from your battery and not propane. When you are plugged in, shore power keeps your battery charged. When you are not plugged into shore power, your fridge depends on your battery only. If you do a lot of boondock camping, this is where the solar panel comes in handy to trickle-charge your battery daily.

Do I need solar panels? 

This depends on how you camp. If you always visit campgrounds and plug into shore power, then a 12V Deep Cycle battery with no solar panel(s) is sufficient. If you do any off-the-grid “boondocking”, then being equipped with a “solar system” is essential for having adequate power when you need it.

Do the folding solar panels fit inside the aluminum storage drawer? 

Based on their power capacity, the portable folding solar panels have different weights and dimensions. The 100W panel fits inside the storage drawer, but the 150W and 200W panels do not. The 100W panel weighs about 18 lbs. The 200W panel weighs about 32 lbs. 


What is the ground clearance?   

The 13" tire provides about 12" of level-ground clearance. The 15" tire provides about 13" of level-ground clearance. The optional underneath storage drawer sits flush with the lowest point of the frame, so it does not impact the level-ground clearance at all.


What about interior storage capacity? 

We optimize the use of small space! There are typically 4-5 cabinets as well as under-bench storage. The ‘overhead’ cubbies generally each have about 4 cubic feet of storage space. The accent shelves are typically 10” x 28”. 


What is the maximum weight capacity of the bunk beds? 

The bunk beds have a maximum weight capacity of 150 lbs. They are typically 76” long and 24” wide.


What are the dimensions of the beds?

Both the armadillo and BACKPACK models have a "small double" bed (4' x 6'3") . A kingsize bed (6'3" X 6'3") option is available ONLY in the BACKPACK front kitchen floor plan. The single bunk in all models is 2'2"X 6'3".


Can we add a bike rack with the spare tire? 

The trailer has a 2" receiver that is used to mount the optional spare tire. You can use the receiver to mount a suitable or adaptable bike rack instead, which means you may have to carry your spare tire elsewhere.   We do not recommend exceeding 75lbs on the rear receiver.  


Can two propane tanks fit underneath the front cover? 

Yes, but only with one battery. Note: If you opt for the Lithium-Ion battery it is mounted securely inside your trailer.  This frees up space for you to easily opt for a second propane tank.  P.S. Your propane tank(s) will be full and ready to go! 


What is the RVQ hookup? 

An RVQ is essentially a propane BBQ that uses a low-pressure line. The optional hookup we offer is a quick-connect, exterior outlet located on the front right corner of the trailer. An RVQ/hose is not included, but we can help you if you would like to purchase one.  


What are the benefits of Hot Water On Demand over a Hot Water Tank? 

Besides the obvious, like having instant hot water and never running out of hot water, there are other benefits. For example, tankless water heaters use less propane overall because it does not have to keep water at a set temperature, and there is no water tank to winterize. Of course, your hot water capacity is only as good as its source (connected to city water vs using your 10-gallon freshwater tank). The tankless unit uses the same space and location as a 6-gallon hot water tank. We encourage you to research the pros and cons of hot water on demand in RVs, to determine whether it is a good fit for you.     


Do your trailers have grey and/or black water tanks? 

There is no grey water tank. The kitchen sink connects to an exterior outlet where a hose can be attached, draining your grey water to a portable container. The only time a black water tank is used is with the Front Flush Toilet floorplan. Every trailer comes with a 10-gallon (38L) freshwater tank.  

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Can I get a little more info on the backup camera? 

The backup camera is mounted on the outside wall on the rear of the trailer. It communicates wirelessly with the 4.3" monitor (included) that plugs into your vehicle's 12 Volt power socket. The monitor sits on your dash held in place with a suction base, and you can stow it away (i.e. in your console or glove box) when you're not using your trailer. The backup camera (by design) comes in handy when you are parking your trailer by yourself. It also aids as a nifty rear observation while driving to see what or who is behind you (i.e. for lane-changing).

What is required to tow your trailer? 

The dry/curb weight of our trailer is approximately 1800 lbs with 180 lb tongue weight. Your tow vehicle should have a minimum 3000 lb towing capacity. Your tow hitch must be a Class III with a 2” x 2” receiver and a 2” ball. The level-height from the ground to the top of the ball is approximately 16”. For wiring, you require the popular 7-Way RV/Trailer connector near your receiver (that includes a 12V charge line and electric brake control). All our trailers come equipped with electric brakes, so your vehicle should be equipped with an electric brake controller. 


What are the interior dimensions? 

For both the armadillo and the BACKPACK, the interior height 6’1” and the interior width is 6’6”.  The interior length in the armadillo is 9’10”.  The interior length in the BACKPACK is 10’4”.  The entry door is 58” tall x 20” wide. 


Do you offer custom floorplans? 

Right now, we do not offer custom floorplans. Please contact us if you have any specific questions. 


Do you ship your trailers? 

We do not directly manage the shipping of our trailers. However, our Canadian and US customers alike have successfully used shipping services such as and  Contact the shipping service directly for more information. 


What is your warranty? 

We stand behind what we make. We warrant that our trailers are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of two (2) years from the original date of purchase. The onboard appliances have their own warranties from their manufacturers. 


How do I order an Armadillo Trailer? 

Simple!  Just click Order Now above and start building your dream trailer! You can play with options and get a cost summary without having to submit your order. 

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