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We offer a two year structural warranty. All appliances have warranties from their manufacturers.

Q - Where are Armadillo Trailers built and sold?

A - The Armadillo Trailers are built custom to order and are sold factory direct from our location in Enderby, BC Canada. We do not have dealers.

Q - Where can I see an Armadillo Trailer?

A - Check with us for any COVID restrictions. Generally you can set up an appointment to view our trailers at our location in Enderby BC Canada. 

Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday 9 AM to 5 PM excluding holidays.


Q - Are your trailers registered?

A - Our trailers are registered as custom ubilt trailers, and are inspected and built to
Canadian and US standards with labeling showing compliance. Our trailers come with a bill of sale.

Q - What is the wait time ?

A - The wait time changes with more interest in our trailers. Please contact info@armadillotrailers.ca for production schedule.

Q - Do you build a larger model?

A - At this time we are building the 13.5’ armadillo and the 14' BACKPACK!


Q - Do you offer a wet bath option?

A - We offer the Thetford portable toilet and the exterior shower port.  The BACKPACK Trailer has an enclosed front flush toilet with a holding tank option and the exterior shower port.

Q - Can 2 propane tanks be mounted under the front cover?

A - Yes but only with the one battery option. The propane tanks are full when you pick up your trailer ready for your first Armadillo Adventure!

Q - Can we add a bike rack on the back with a spare tire?

A - If you choose a bike rack the spare tire will need to be carried inside or in your tow vehicle.


Q - Are we able to add a batwing awning?

A - Yes but it requires a roof rack for suspension and strength. 

Q - Are we able to add a backup camera

A - Yes. The install includes the monitor.

  • We are using a 13,500 BTU air-conditioner.

  • The interior height at its highest point is 6’1”. The air-conditioner inside shroud will make it lower but is in the table dinette seat area where you will be either sleeping or sitting down.

  • The bunks can be different heights depending on if you want the portable toilet. If you do not want a portable toilet you can have more space between the bunks.

  • We do not have a grey tank, our sink drains into an exterior hose that can be put into a container.

  • A microwave oven is an option in the cupboard space above the sink.

  • If you decide on the air-conditioning option you can have either a fantastic fan or the solar panel option not both.

  • Our exterior doors are all white. We do not paint them.

  • Our bed sizes are both 6’4” in length at the longest point. The larger rear bed is 46” wide and the smaller front bed  is 24”wide. 

  • Yes the pump does work with the exterior shower.

  • We do have attachments for the back of the trailer to connect the shower head to.

Mailing Address:

Box 251

Armstrong B.C. V0E 1B0

Studio Location:

205 Brickyard Road

Enderby B.C.  V0E 1V2

Armadillo Trailer Manufacturing Ltd.

​250-838-2615               info@armadillotrailers.ca