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Armadillo interior front corner.jpg

We use marine-grade materials, metals, sealants and glues along with dense insulation and breathable fabrics to reduce moisture and internal condensation.


We look at Armadillo Trailers as if they are intended to float starting with the 2 piece fibreglass shell to keep the water on the outside.

BACKPACK front kitchen.jpg

"Front Kitchen" and a "Front Flush Toilet" floor plans are available in the BACKPACK only.


The BACKPACK is 14 feet long with a little different design. The BACKPACK's front and rear walls are flat allowing for a larger 21" x 47" window in the rear (and in the front on the "Front Table for Two" floor plan).

360 only.JPG

A 360 Photo is a photo that allows you to view more than just a snapshot of a trailer. View the interior of armadillo and BACKPACK trailers  from every angle

Video pic.JPG

Catching Armadillo moments in time.

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