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Tyler and Adra.webp

We have made it back to California and wanted to let you know our maiden voyage in our new Armadillo was a huge success.  We encountered every type of weather imaginable on the way home (snow, torrential rain, sunshine, etc.)  and the Armadillo performed beautifully in all conditions!

We squeezed in some fun hiking and rock climbing adventures on the way back down and the Armadillo was the perfect base-camp.  It is such a comfortable and functional space.  We are pretty particular about what we wanted in a camper and you really delivered.  The craftsmanship and attention to detail is so apparent in each aspect of the trailer.  We couldn't be happier with our decision to buy an Armadillo!  We were actually a little sad to unhitch yesterday and sleep in our apartment last night and not in the camper;)

Thanks so much for making our dream camper!  We will keep you posted on some of our first adventures with the new baby after he/she arives this spring:)

PS- We had an easy time getting through customs mostly because the border patrol agent was a fiberglass trailer enthusiast and was already a big fan of Armadillo!​

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