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armadillo OR BACKPACK?

The armadillo is 13.5 feet long and is more round in shape.

The BACKPACK is 14 feet long with a little less-rounded design, adding 6” in length for extra space in the front. The BACKPACK's front and rear walls are flat allowing for a larger 21" x 47" window in the rear (and in the front on the "Front Table for Two" floor plan).

Instead of the larger front and rear windows in the BACKPACK, the armadillo comes with a 12" porthole window on the rear wall and on the door. Please note that the front window is not available in the "Couch/Bunk" and "Triple Bunk" floor plans. The side windows are the same on both models.

NEW! We now offer a "Front Kitchen" and a "Front Flush Toilet" floor plan in the BACKPACK only.


All Armadillo Trailers are designed and built to be 4- season. We use three-quarter inch high density foam insulation attached to the interior fibre glass walls.  Once attached, the interiors are lined with 1/8th inch paneling to finish. On the corners we use a flex foam insulation finished with marine grade fabrics. 

The propane furnace will keep you toasty warm.


Our fresh water and hot water tanks are installed on the interior of the trailer. As long as you have the furnace on you will be fine for winter camping!


Our trailer weighs between 1500  lbs to 1800 lbs dry depending on the options you choose. The Tongue weight is approximately 180- 200lbs

Each vehicle has its own tow rating, please check your owner’s manual.

You will want a class III Hitch with a 2” x 2" receiver with a 3000-4000 lb towing capacity.


You will also need a ball mount with a 2” ball. The height from the ground to the top of the ball will change with every tow vehicle.


For wiring, you will need a 7 way RV connector at the rear by your receiver with a 12 volt charge line and brake control.


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NOTE: All funds are Canadian dollars.


We require a 75% deposit to secure your custom build and your spot in the queue. The remaining 25% will be due upon completion and pick up.

PLEASE BE ADVISED OF OUR REFUND POLICY: As our trailers are built to your unique customization, deposits are non-refundable.

For Financing Please Contact: Sean Warens directly  Email-


In British Columbia we have a combined 12% tax added to the purchase price of every trailer. 


As a BC business the PST still has to be paid upfront. The 5% Federal tax (GST) is non-refundable but the 7% Provincial tax (PST) is refundable.


If you do not ordinarily reside or carry on business in BC, you are eligible for a refund of PST paid on a motor vehicle purchased in BC if, within 30 days after the date of purchase or the date you took possession (whichever is later), and transported outside of BC.

More Info or this link.


Armadillo Trailers are built custom to order and are sold factory direct from our location in Enderby, BC Canada. We do not have dealers.

Click here for more FAQ.


The appliances included with your trailer have specific manufacturer's warranty. We encourage our customers to complete and submit the warranty cards that will be available with your trailer. 


If anything outside of appliances requires service, Armadillo Trailers will work with you directly. We take every step necessary to ensure you are well taken care of.  


Our trailers are built to last and we take pride in standing behind what we build.  


Exclusive to Armadillo Trailers.

An external in-frame, sliding aluminum storage drawer system that pulls out from underneath at the rear. It sits behind a self-locking, hinged rear bumper.

Outer Section with Lid:
Two Compartments each at 39"L x 20"W x 6"D = 5.4 cubic feet.

Inner Section with No Lid:
Two Compartments each at 46"L x 20"W x 3.5"D = 3.7 cubic feet.

Total: 9.1 cubic feet of additional storage.


Our trailers are manufacturer direct to you. We do not deliver or ship trailers at this time.


Once your custom trailer is ready for pickup we welcome you at our studio location in Enderby BC. We will introduce you to your customized armadillo or BACKPACK and ensure you are prepared for your inaugural adventure

If you are unable to pick up your trailer in Enderby there are options available such as Uship

Mailing Address:

Box 251

Armstrong B.C. V0E 1B0

Studio Location:

205 Brickyard Road

Enderby B.C.  V0E 1V2

Armadillo Trailer Manufacturing Ltd.